Its one day in the Kamakura-period Kenkyu's 3rd year. Minamoto Yoritomo and his servants went on a hunting trip. After looking for game throughout the mountains one wild boar jumped in front of Yoritomo. "Nice timing" , Yoritomo started to chase this wild boar. The wild boar while dodging all the arrows run deeper and deeper into the forest. Not wanting to give up Yoritomo kept chasing the boar deeper into the mountain. When Yoritomo got close to the Shirasuna-river he was surrounded with steam from the hotspring. Yoritomo decided to take bath in the hotspring to recurpurate from the long and tedidious hunt. The hot water felt very nice so much so that Yoritomo started to doze off. After a while Yoritomo looked around and saw that the hotspring was surrounded with wild cherryblossoms. The steam of the hotspring kept this beautifull sight hidden. The cherryblossoms were also reflected on to the water , Yoritomo felt like he was in heaven. Yoritomo was so moved by this surroundings that he wrote the poem " Cherryblossoms at sunset here at Hanashiki, the mountain with steam from the hotsprings to bathe into" Hanashiki-hotsprings got its name from this poem also the name Iliyama was taken from this poem.

Hotspring Data
Physical dataSaltine-mirabilite springsAWeak Alkanine low water tension high temperature springs
Good for:skin disorders, female disorders, wounds, cronic articular rheumatism, hemorrhoids