Its November in 1057 Tengi period's 5th year under the ruling of the Goreizei Emperor. The powerful Abe clan from Okusu-area were being chased by the Ashikaga army and wandered around escaping , finaly they escaped deep into the mountains of Oze north of Kouzukenokunisetagun. After a few years one of the descendants Abe Sadamichi started to claim the name Oze. Once again at the top for a while the clan even served the empirical court, but was forced to run again after loosing a battle. The Sadamichi family kept running until they reached the Gokan village in Oze and there they commited suicide. The 3rd son Abenomagohachirousadatsugu who survided started to travel around the country on the banks of the Tonegawa-river. After traveling for a while Abenomagohachirousadatsugu found steam coming up close to the river banks. He walked up to where the steam was rising and found a hotspring. He decided to settle down near the spring and named the place Yunohiso village. Later on this village became to be known as the Yubiso village as it is know today. The owner of this lodge is one of the descendants of the Abe clan.

Hotspring Data

Physical data mono-springABitter gypsum spring
Good for:Female disorders, rheumatism, neuralgia, gastroenteritis