Minamotono Yoritomo's brother Minamotono Yoshitsune was called the unfortunate warlord of the Genpei-war. In 1183 by the comands from his older brother Yoritomo, Yoshitsune fought the Heike-clan at Ichinotani, Yashima, Dannoura and triumphantly won every fight. Even after these fights Yoshitsune kept fighting for Yoritomo who became Seiitaishougun, this was the begining of the Genji era. But the strong stratigical skills of Yoshitsune became a threat to Yoritimo. Despite the fact that Yoshitsune was an excelent warlord he was very pure at heart and was used by the Goshirakawa Houou to expand his empire. Finally Yoritomo became very angry with him and he had to escape from Kyoto with only a few soldiers including Musashibou Benkei. They traveled all across Japan heading to Ouhsu via the Northen pass. While traveling from Yoshino-mountain to Hiraizumi, one of the travel companions Lady Kita suddenly went into labor. Lady Kita gave birth to Yoshitsune's son Kamewakamaru at the Koyasu Goddess of Mercy temple in the Kamewari-mountain. The child was born healthy and was named Kokamewakamaru. To give the newborn its first bath Musashibou Benkei looked for a bath in the surroundign area. While looking without success , he looked up into the rocks and saw steam rising from the rocks. Following his hunch Benkei pulled his halbred (Semioumaru) and pierced it into the rock. The rock split open and a hotspring came gushing through the rock. Benkei gave the newborn baby its first bath at this spring. The name of this hotspring comes from the name of the halbred (Semioumaru ) that Benkei used to pierce the rock.

Hotspring Data

Physical/Mineral DataSodium chloride mirabilite gypsum
Good ForFemale disorders, rheumatism, neuralgia, digestive disorders, hemroids.