One thousand and several hundred years ago this story started. The 2nd year of the Yomei-period (587 A.D). Syoutokutaishi sent HaTano Kawakatsu to the land of Azuma to pray for the recovery of Syoutokutaishi's father Yomei Emperor who fell ill, and to spread the word of Buddha. But Kawakatsu while traveling became seriously ill and became paralyzed on one side. He went to numerous doctors and took many medications without any success of fully recovering. One night Syoutokutaishi appeared by his bedside and in the dream Syoutokutaishi said "Go to the land of Iwashiro, there there is a blessed tsukiyu spring , recuparate at that spring." Following Syoutokutaishi's words fromt the dream Kawakatsu went to the land of Iwashiro and found the spring and rested there. Strangelly after a while Kawakatsu became fully recovered from his illness. The spring known as Tsukiyu at the time became to be known as Tsutsiyu latter on.

Hotspring Data

Physical/Mineral datasingle springASodium hydrogen carbonate, Sulphur, Chlorine Sulfide, Iron, Mirabilite sodium chloride, and more over 10 different kinds.
Good ForSkin disorders, female disorders, diabetics, rheumatism, burns, neuralgia, chronic digestive disorders, wounds, anemia, arteriosclerosis