1200 years ago, the Heian-period female writer "Onono Komachi" traveled from Kyoto to Okusyu to find her father Guji Ono Yoshizane from Gunji. After a long and tedious journey with no success she fell ill while crossing Wagatsuma. Day after day her illness showed no sign of recovery. No idea where her father was and being very ill made Komachi very depressed. One night the Yakushinyorai Buddha appeared in her dreams and told her to look for a spiritually blessed hotspring, and recuperate there. Komachi decided to follow the buddha's suggestions and wandered around looking for the blessed hotspring. Finally she found the hotspring and recupareted there for 3 weeks. Fully recovered from her illness Komachi was ready again to look for her father. Later on Komachi met her father at the river banks of the Kimengawa-river. Komachi was 18 at the time and wrote the following poem "Where is the hotspring I look for, if you know let me know , reed --Onono Komachi." The town has many sites related to her and is full of historic romantisism. The hotspring found by Onono Komachi is named" Ama no yu (the spring of the nun)" is now a public bath. The water here is suppose to give you beautifull hair just as Onono Komachi's beautifull black hair.

Hotspring Data:

Physical/Mineral DataAcidic hydrogen sulfide sodium chloride
Good for:Skin disorders, female disorders, diabetics, burns, neuralgia, chronic digestive disorders, wounds