Way way back in time, the God of the Akagi-shrine in the Akagi mountain and Nantai-mountain God from Nikkou fought over a teritorial dispute. After long meetings trying to solve the problem diplomatically, they decided to fight it out. Both Gods gathered their soldiers and battled hard on the Senjougahara-plains. The Akagi God's force dominated the battle earlier, but the Nantai God's army of soldiers fought back strong . The Akagi God decided to retreat once and prepare another attack, so the Akagi God's army pulled back to Oigami area. The God of Akagi-mountain was wounded badly because of the long battle. He finally got up and put his bow on the ground, then suddenly a hotspring errupted from where he had put his bow down. The Akagi-mountain God decided to heal his wounds with the hotspring water. Once again the Akagi-mountain God's army had regained full force and was ready to attack again. But the Nantai-mountain God's army with its momentum gave the Akagi-mountain God's army a hard time to gain dominance over the battle grounds. But the Akagi-mountain God strategical movements utilized the geographical advantages and gave a devastating attack to the Nantai-mountain God's army. This attack was so devastating that the Nantai-mountain God could not recover and resigned from the battle. After this battle this area was named "Oigami (the chased God)" from "The area where the Akagi-mountain god chased away the Nantai-mountain God" later it became "Oigami(the old god)." A little note about the gods, the Akagi-mountain God is believed to be a snake and the Nantai-mountain God was a centipede.

Hotspring data

Physical/Mineral dataAcidic sulfite hydrogen
Good for:Skin disorders, rashes, athlete's foot, hemroids, neuralgia, rheumatism, digestive disorders